The Racial Bias Alert™ Tool

Eliminate racial bias

in your organization.

A proactive solution to identify racial bias.

While most organizations today have bias response protocols and remediation strategies, Panther Data Solutions' Racial Bias Alert is the first solution to provide an immediate deterrent to bias in an organization.  Racial Bias Alert is built on proven Supervisor technology, and our out-of-the-box tool surpasses current industry standards, ensuring your data is fully covered.






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How It Works







Racial Bias Alert uses your organization's fully customized criteria to identify evident and subtle bias indicators proactively.

Monitor virtually any electronic communications necessary, such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, Teams, email, chat, audio data, SMS, and more.

Gain vital insights from your supervised data with an easy-to-use interface that maintains the complete supervisory audit trail.


You set the criteria

to monitor exactly what you're looking for

❯  Racial Bias

 ❯  LGBTQ Discrimination

❯  Sexual Harassment

❯  High-Pressure Sales Tactics

❯  Money Laundering

❯  Improper Gifts and Entertainment

❯  Mergers & Acquisitions

❯  Supplier Diversity 

Watch it Work

❯ Review in real-time.

Based on the custom criteria set, Racial Bias Alert provides an easy optic to see communications that need to be reviewed in real-time. Even in an organization with tens of thousands of associates, Racial Bias Alert is extremely fast, so you can check messages quickly and easily without it becoming a full-time job.


In our example to the right, you will see information in the optic that shows you exactly which criteria were flagged and the microaggression, biased term, or slur used. This email is harmless until you click the flagged term and see someone was communicating in a way that could be biased or racially insensitive.

❯ Empower decision-makers.

You can set up the Racial Bias Alert tool to ensure that the right alerts route to the correct department. Racial Bias Alert comes equipped with a list of actions so that the appropriate leaders can make decisions instantly - these are all fully customizable according to your internal workflow processes.


Large organizations monitoring various criteria can configure the tool to route HR issues to HR, compliance concerns to compliance officers, notify the proper individuals of customer service concerns, alert managers, and more. Built-in reports and executive dashboards allow for quick status review and issue tracking.


❯ The insights are game-changing.

Make more confident and intentional decisions in your organization.  After looking and taking action on individual communications that have been flagged, you can look at and customize detailed reports of what's happening over time that best suit your company based on different groups, departments, geographic locations, and more.


You can use these insights to decide how best to offer training, communicate with employees where there are problems, and measure how effective current Diversity and Inclusion programs are, etc. Our tool supplies the insights so you can take action.