4 Questions Chief Diversity Officers Are Asking

Business leaders are asking questions, and Panther Data Solutions has the answer.

A Proactive Solution for The Chief Diversity Officer —

At the same time, during the last five years, the appointments of chief diversity officers at enterprises, universities, and government agencies have grown significantly. In their newly appointed roles, diversity officers are tasked with answering questions such as:

  1. How are you protecting your employees from unfair treatment?

  2. What tools should you be providing for your Chief Diversity Officer?

  3. How can you broaden the scope of your existing diversity programs - beyond Human Resources?

  4. How do you plan to develop your network of Minority-Owner Suppliers?

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, 96% of CEOs acknowledge DEI as a strategic priority, and 64% say progress against DEI targets is or will be factored into leadership evaluation and compensation. With that said, everyone in an organization plays an important role in identifying, reporting, and preventing potential racial bias issues and for ensuring a positive and safe work environment.

Take an actionable step toward achieving diversity in your workplace —

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